Climate Controlled vs. Non-Climate Controlled

There are many different reasons as to why you might decide to rent a storage unit for your belongings. You may need a place to store your belongings while a new house is being built, you may be moving out of the country for a year, moving to a new home, or you may want a small storage unit to store your holiday decorations each year. Whatever the reason may be, we have a storage facility suited to meet all of your needs. Our storage facility is equipped with two types of units: climate controlled storage and non-climate controlled storage. Each comes in various sizes. Knowing the difference between the two will help you decide which is going to be the best option based off of what it is you are storing.

Non-Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Non-climate controlled storage units are your basic storage units. They are not heated or cooled, so whatever the temperature is outside, the storage unit will mirror that temperature. That mean the items you store will be prone to that temperature as well. If it is hot and humid, your items may be affected by the humidity. Non-climate controlled storage units are cheaper than climate controlled storage units. They are great for items like seasonal decorations or tools that you do not find yourself using very often. Most items will fare fine in a non-climate controlled unit. However, just keep in mind that these units are susceptible to extreme temperatures. Non-climate controlled storage units are similar to a household garage. If you wouldn’t want something exposed to summer heat or winter chill, then you should look for a storage facility with climate controlled units.

Climate Controlled Storage Unit

A climate controlled unit is exactly what the name suggests. This type of storage unit is kept at a controlled temperature, typically at 60 degrees fahrenheit in the winter and 75 degrees fahrenheit in the summer. Climate controlled units will not be affected by the weather outside, despite what season it is. In this way, they are kind of like a spare closet that you would have at home because they are protected by a constant temperature. Climate controlled units are good for things like furniture, electronics, or art. These type of things have potential to warp if they are subjected to humidity, for example. These units are a bit pricey than non-climate controlled units, but if you are storing something of value, the benefit outweighs the cost. Ruined furniture is likely to be an expensive fix, compared to a few months of climate controlled storage.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what the difference is between non-climate and climate controlled storage units, you can decide which one is best for you based off of what you are planning to store away. Your decision can vary based off of duration of storage time, value of items being stored, and your budget. If you are still unsure, our staff at U Storage is available to answer any questions that you have! Our storage facility has both types of units in various sizes to meet your storage needs.

Moving Tips

Moving is a factor in all of our lives. No matter the occasion for the move, whether it is for a job or for school, it can definitely be a stressful transition. Having to uproot all of your belongings, find a moving truck rental, safely transport them to a new place, and then unpack them can be like doing a puzzle while blindfolded. At U Storage, we understand that life doesn’t stop just because you have to move! That is why we are here to provide you with moving tips and services to help your transition go as smoothly. We want to help you have the best moving experience as possible!

Moving Supplies

No matter how far you are moving, the easiest way to pack your belongings is to have the proper moving supplies. Packing items into an unmarked box or throwing clothes into your car may seem like the fastest way to move, but it is more likely to cause stress later down the line. We find that our customers often overlook the importance of moving supplies in the midst of their move. And that’s understandable! Who thinks about tape during such a hectic transition? Something as simple as labels to help you identify which of your moving boxes belongs in each room can save you time and make things go smoother.

Our storage professionals can help you estimate what moving supplies you’ll need based off of the size of your home, apartment, or dorm; wherever you’re moving from, we have you covered.

Moving Boxes

Being prepared with moving boxes will help you to visualize and organize how you are going to pack your belongings. In order to pack, you will want to make sure you have moving boxes in various sizes. We provide small, medium, large, and every size in between. You’ll want smaller moving boxes for heavy items, such as canned goods. Otherwise, you’ll overpack and make your moving box too heavy to carry! Vice versa, you will want larger moving boxes for items such as comforters, pillows; those larger items that won’t be too heavy to pile together. It is better to have too many boxes, then to have to stop packing in order to get more. U Storage will buy back any boxes that you buy from our store, as long as they aren’t damaged! We will help you save time and money.

Moving Truck Rental

If you have a large enough car to handle the move yourself and you don’t mind multiple trips, great! If not, you should know that there are moving truck rental options available to help you move. Similar to moving boxes, there are moving trucks to match your needs. Depending on the number and size of the items you are moving, we can recommend the size of your moving truck rental. The cost of your moving truck rental will vary, depending on the distance you are moving, the duration you will need the moving truck, and whether the move is local or not. But, no matter the specifics of the move, our staff of professionals will ensure that you get the best deal.

Hopefully, these simple tips will help you feel better prepared for your move. Now that you’re all set with moving supplies, let’s get your things boxed up and ready to go!