Self Storage

We’re throwing out our top 4 considerations for finding the perfect storage space for you! Storage units come in many shapes and sizes, different amenities, with varying prices. It can be a challenge if you are a new renter to find the perfect space for you. Many customers may even think they have chosen the perfect space, only to find out that they needed something bigger, smaller, or they need an amenity that they didn’t ask about in the beginning. We’re here to give you a few pointers to think about when considering your perfect storage space. Our team members are also experts at helping customers navigate their storage needs, so lean on us when you need some advice!

1. Know what you need to store away: - The first and most important factor is to create an accurate inventory list of the items you need to store away. You want to rent a space that is big enough for everything you have, but you also don’t want to waste money on a space that is left half empty. Start by making a list of all the items you need to place in storage. Once you have compiled your list, imagine how all of those items might fit into a room in your home. Would all of the items fit into one corner of the room (a small space)? Would all of your items take up half of the room (a medium space)? Would the entire room be full (a large space)? Or would you need two rooms to fit everything (an extra-large space)? These considerations are an easy way for you to start thinking about how your items will fit into a storage space and you can allow yourself to consider how you might arrange things to fit properly. We offer an interactive size guide that can help you determine which size you may need.

2. How often will you need to access your items: - Are you moving items into your storage unit that you won’t need to access until it is time to move them all out? Or, will you be placing items in the unit and removing individual items over time with the need to access it frequently? If you are moving everything in all at once and plan to leave everything there until it’s time to move again, it will be best to get the smallest space possible and neatly stack everything in the unit so you can save space, and ultimately save money. If you will be needing to access the unit frequently to add or remove items as needed, then you will want to consider a larger unit that allows you to create a pathway for accessing items or perhaps allowing you to loosely store items so you can find what you need quickly and efficiently without the need to unpack everything from the unit to find what you are looking for.

3. What type of furniture are you storing: - One big decision to consider is whether you need climate controlled storage or standard storage (non-climate storage). Climate controlled storage often refers to a facilities ability to maintain a steady temperature throughout the building, reducing the major fluctuations in temperature that can damage wood furniture, electronics, antiques, and fabrics. Standard storage often refers to a unit that is enclosed, but is much like storing items in your garage. Climate controlled storage is great for high value items, or furniture that you plan on storing for long periods of time. Standard storage is still a great option for many people. You can often drive your vehicle next to your unit for easy loading/unloading and is a great option for short term storage, or for items that can withstand some fluctuation in temperature.

4. Consider the facilities amenities: - Storage facilities offer differing amenities; like free use of carts and dollies, 24 hour access, security features, truck rentals, and packing supplies for sale. These amenities can be appealing to different types of customers with different storage needs. It is important for you to have access to your storage unit when you need to get to your belongings and it is helpful to have resources on-site to help you make the most of your time. If you are looking for a certain type of amenity, it is best to write down your questions and be sure to ask the storage representative before renting your unit. All U Storage facilities offer comprehensive amenities to ensure you have a safe place to store your items, proper access when you need to get to your unit, and all of the resources you need to get your move done right, all in one place.