Getting to Know Your New Community

If you’re moving to a new community, whether it’s a new town or new neighborhood, you’ll want to spend some time getting to know your new community. Consider checking out a few of these resources found within your new community:

Meet the New Neighbors

A great first-stop in getting to know your new community is getting to know your new neighbors! Grab some coffee and cookies and get to chatting about all your new community has to offer.

Chamber of Commerce

This is a great reference point to learn more about your new community’s locally-owned businesses, community development initiatives, and upcoming local events!

Farmer’s Markets and Downtown Areas

Spend a morning or afternoon browsing the local farmer’s market (when in season) or walk around downtown to talk to the locals and discover offerings native to the area!

Schools or Daycares

If you have kids, you’ll definitely want to check out schools or daycares. Set up a visitation to learn more about their curriculum and chat with staff who may have great insights to the goings-on in your new community!


As you may visit local churches to find a new church home, make time to chat with members about the church and the community as a whole!

Local Eateries

While visiting the community before the move, or directly after, make a point to dine at the local eateries. Staff and other patrons may have some great stories to share about the community!

Get Active!

Visit your local parks and outdoor spaces, check out the local gyms, and look for local social clubs online to get more familiar and involved in the community!