Questions to Ask Movers

If you’re using a moving company to move into your new home, we have some tips on questions to ask to help avoid any confusion, delays, or unexpected turns of events! When researching your moving companies, here are a few things to consider:

First, cover the red tape basics:

  • Are you properly licensed?
  • What kind of liability coverage does your company have?
  • How do you handle damage and loss claims?
  • Can you provide a binding quote or not-to-exceed estimate?
  • Do you handle out-of-state moves or in-state only?
  • Do you offer any packing material packages?
  • Read the Reviews!

Other useful questions you may want to ask:

  • How long will the move take?
  • How do I contact you and the driver during the move?
  • Will my items be transferred to another party along the way? Do you subcontract your moves?
  • Are there any potential charges I’m not already aware of? What additional moving supplies/fees will I be paying for?
  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Are there any restrictions on what and how I pack?
  • Will you pack specialty items, such as TVs and electronics?
  • Will this moving company be delivering my items or will another party be delivering them?
  • Is there a preferred method for labeling boxes?
  • What is the most efficient way to let your team know where the boxes should go at the new place?

Remember, there is never a dumb question when it comes to moving! If it is on your mind ask it so you can have peace during the moving process.