Moving During the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for all of us, even more so when you’re MOVING! With proper planning, you can move AND enjoy your holiday celebrations. We have a few tips to help you navigate fulfilling your family traditions while moving your home.

Book your movers early

The holiday season is actually a very popular time to move. Moving and storage companies can book up fast, so best to schedule your services as early as possible - don’t wait til the last minute on this one!

Plan your calendar early

Holidays come with packed calendar events. Start planning what is attainable and what may need to be skipped this year to allow ample time for packing and moving responsibilities. If you have family-tradition events, such as visits to Santa or Christmas light viewing, consider bumping them up a little early to spread activities out.

For friends and family get-togethers, notify the hosts ahead of time in case scheduling is flexible for them. Also consider which ones might need to be skipped this year. If you host these annual events, consider partnering with a friend or booking a venue to keep your space stress-free with the packing!

Consider additional expenses in your budget

Let’s face it: holidays are expensive. Work to create budgets for all aspects of your holiday.
  • Gifts, Holiday Cards, Party Food, Holiday Venue Admission Fees, etc
  • Moving supplies, services, utilities (these can sometimes overlap in service costs)
  • Pro Tip: ask about mid-week discounts for moving services!
Be sure to leave cushion for unexpected expenses:
  • Last minute repairs on your old home, activation fees on services and utilities, extra child/pet care

To make packing less stressful, consider going slow and make it a family affair

We know, it’s hard to give up the control freak hat when it comes to strategically planning your packing. Create a timeline of what you need to pack and allow plenty of time in between to get each portion done. This may include separating what can be packed early from what you’ll need to use during the holiday get togethers.

Ways you can get the family involved is to set a few boundaries: give the kids a box and let them pack their stuffed animals or beach towels; delegate breakables or heirlooms to aunts and grandmas. Even better, turn on some holiday music during packing activities. The key is to go slow, make room for everyone to get involved, and make it fun!

Pro Tip: If you’re moving right before Christmas, be sure to clearly label your decorations you’ll want to use quickly in separate boxes and arrange for those to be unloaded or unboxed first. Even better - have a friend grab the kids to set up the tree while you work on other essentials!

Participate in charitable donation drives

This is a win-win when it comes to purging for a move! This is a great way to purge clothing, toys, non-perishable foods, kitchen tools, and decor that won’t be used in the new home.

Keep only essential decor and pack the rest

When you have kids, you might not be able to get away from putting up the tree and stockings. Keep these available to use quickly, but consider packing all keepsakes, large items, and multi-room decor. Using minimal decorations will allow you to pack up most of your holiday décor for your next home, but you won’t be skipping the season entirely. A fun way to make this season magical for your family, consider using colored plastic ornaments that can easily be boxed up unharmed. Tinsel garland and felt decorations are also fast and friendly packing options!

Set up utilities as early as possible!

A night without heat is uncomfortable. Avoid gaps in active utilities during the colder months by setting up your utilities early so you don’t have to worry about having an unheated home to move into.

Most importantly - ENJOY the season!

Intentional planning can lead to meaningful moments. Take a break when you feel overwhelmed, scale down the activities and shopping and decorating. Use this time to focus on the experience for you and your family and forget the rest!