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How to Break the Moving News


How to Tell Your Children About Your Long-Distance Move There’s no denying that a long-distance move is a stressful endeavor. As an adult, you feel the whole weight of that stress as you start to plan, pack, make arrangements to leave your hometown, start a new job, enroll the kids into a new school...the list goes on. And speaking of children, you’re also faced with the task of breaking the news to them. Those dreaded three words, “we are moving,” can be hard to say when you’re running through all the scenarios of how that scene is going to play out. Crying, screaming, shouting, and the refusal to move is the last thing you want to see from your children; when they’re upset, you are too! It’s not always easy for your child to understand why they have to move away from their friends, but there are ways to help them feel excited about what’s ahead. If you’re getting to tell your kids about your upcoming long-distance move, don’t fret! We’ve got some ideas about how to do so gently. When You’re Excited, They’re Excited You, more than anyone, know how to address your child with big announcements and news. As a parent, you’re the one constant in your child’s life that they can rely on and trust. When kids are uncertain of something, they often look to their parents for guidance on how to react, respond, and what to feel. When you show your child that you’re excited about the long-distance move ahead, they may find it easier to share those same sentiments. Don’t choose to tell your children about the move when you’re at peak stress levels because they might catch onto that. Wait for the moment when you’ve gotten everything sorted and under control (that time will come!). Life’s an Adventure Another way to help your kids feel excited about the move is to craft the news into an exciting adventure story. Sure, your child might find it hard to ...

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February 26th, 2019