U Storage Moving Guide

8 Weeks Before

7 Weeks Before

  • Get Estimate from Professional Movers
  • Book a Truck Rental and Moving Equipment (Dollies, Moving blankets, etc.)

6 Weeks Before

  • Schedule the Movers
  • Order All Moving Supplies (Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Tape, Packing Paper, etc.)
  • Make Travel Arrangements
  • Contact Health Insurance Provider
  • Notify Schools of Your Move
  • Make Note of All Tax Deductible Moving Expenses
  • Check on Auto and Homeowners Insurance

5 Weeks Before

  • Start Using Refrigerated Food and Pantry Items
  • Strategize Packing Process
  • Decide Whether to Take Appliances (schedule appliance service company to prepare all appliances for your move)
  • Update All Memberships (Change or cancel gym, club, or community memberships at least 30 days before your move)

4 Weeks Before

  • Service Your Car (if driving your own car across country)
  • Begin Packing
  • Confirm Date and Time with Moving Company
  • Figure out Temporary Housing If Needed
  • Schedule Car Shipping Service If Needed

3 Weeks Before

  • Notify Service Providers (Homekeeping, landscaping, pool maintenance, etc., take time to research new providers if moving to a new area)
  • Forward Mail to New Address
  • Arrange for Child Care on Moving Day
  • Transfer Utilities ( (Take time to close out or switch over any accounts. If moving to a new area, take time to research and schedule service for your new place)
  • Pay Any Unpaid Parking Tickets
  • Change Social Security and Medicare Mailing Address

2 Weeks Before

  • Reserve a Storage Unit
  • Forward Medical Records
  • Transfer Prescriptions
  • Order New Furniture and Decor
  • Secure a Parking Spot For The Moving Truck
  • Update Bank Account and Credit Card Billing Addresses
  • Gather All Warranty Information and Manuals for Future Residents

1 Week Before

  • Clean Old Home
  • Inspect Old Home with Landlord
  • Pack Kitchenware and Essentials (we sell moving supplies and packing materials!)
  • Take Care of Trash Removal and Recycling

Day Before

  • Pack Suitcase and Essentials
  • Get Cash for Tip

Moving Day

  • Have Water Bottles On-Hand
  • Take Inventory
  • Do Final Sweep of House
  • Hand Over Keys

1st Month After

  • Check on Return of Security Deposit
  • Change the Locks
  • Figure Out Trash Pickup Days
  • Check Smoke Alarms
  • Call for Pest Control
  • Change Your IRS Address
  • Update Driver's License
  • Register to Vote
  • Register your Pet

* Extra Great Suggestions:

  • Label your moving boxes using different colored tape/stickers for each room
  • Research packing hacks before moving day
  • Measure hallways, doorways, and elevators to make sure furniture will fit
  • Pack an essentials box for the first 24 hours in your new home
  • Change address for any delivery services such as Amazon or anything that you order online

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